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  • Posted in: Support

    Thank you for the reply! I have reindexed w/ the same result.  In addition, when I try to change status w/ a bulk transition I get a 'no workflow' error message. As a test, I created a new project w/ the correct workflow. I moved the problematic items ...

  • Posted in: Support

    Also, we do not want to send it in Word because all the formatting gets shifted in Word, so looking for another way to share with the client outside the review center or output to Word doc. ------------------------------ Diana Berrios Alight ------- ...

  • Posted in: Support

    I agree, this new Ctrl+ right click is not very user friendly at all. All my teams complained and I keep having to remind folks to use Ctrl+ right click all the time as well. ------------------------------ Diana Berrios Alight ---------------------- ...

  • Posted in: Support

    Hello-  are we able to send requirements without having to use the Review process? The client wants to see current requirements but we do not want to send for review we just want to share the information. The main reason is because sending via the review ...

  • Posted in: Feature Requests

    I would put all these different items into a package, then reuse the package. Have not tried that, but I am sure that should do it. ------------------------------ Harald Hotz-Behofsits Frequentis AG ------------------------------


  • Jama Connect + Jama Analyze = Jama Product Development Platform

    We’re excited to announce several updates and enhancements to the Jama Product Development Platform. More


  • Posted in: Functional Safety Kit

    The following post is for the general availability of 8.25, which was released to the hosted environment on April 27th, 2018, ...

  • Posted in: Release Notes and Announcements

    Starting in the Jama 8.10 release we have added the capability to run the ElasticSearch service remotely on dedicated servers. ...

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  • Posted in: Release Notes and Announcements

    A monthly on-premises release channel titled "Express" was introduced with Jama 8.0. The hope was to deliver updates and ...

  • Posted in: Release Notes and Announcements

    Jama Connect 8.25 Hosted Release Date Hosted: 2018/04/27 Introducing Jama Analyze Build on product development ...

  • Posted in: Best Practices

    It’s rare these days to find a department or team that can operate successfully without the support, communication, and collaboration ...