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  • Posted in: Feature Requests

    Hi Marcel, We do support wildcards and other search operators. I typically use the search box in the bar below the main navigation, but wildcards appear to work when constructing filters or doing an "Advanced Search," too. • Use ? to perform a single ...

  • Posted in: Feature Requests

    Hi Harald, Currently we are putting the final touches on the adaptor that we are building for OSLC. It will be available as an open source solution once it is completed. I am estimating that it should be completed by the end of March but if it is done ...

  • Posted in: Support

    Hi Daniel,  The all around answer to your question is that you will have to create an attribute somehow in your DOORS modules that indicate in some way that it has been reused. Although we do have an out of the box DOORS importer; I am afraid it ...

  • Posted in: Support

    Hi Ekaterina, I have spoken to our Product Manager who oversees Review Center and looks like there are a number of incremental changes being made to this part of our product that will improve the experience and prevent this problem. While we don't have ...

  • Posted in: Best Practices

    ​​​Oh wow - that was just too obvious! :) Thanks Harald! Jozef


  • Posted in: Release Notes and Announcements

    This notification is an end of life announcement for our in-app connectors for JIRA, Rally, and TFS. Their purpose is to ...

  • Jama will queue emails to be sent with every notification that is triggered. If your organization's mail server is down for ...

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  • Posted in: Release Notes and Announcements

    At Jama, our mission is to modernize, digitize and transform product development, making it a competitive advantage for our ...

  • Posted in: Functional Safety Kit

    Jama Software is announcing the upcoming general availability of 8.24, with an expected release date to the hosted environment ...

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    ROBOT Vulnerability

    Posted in: Jama Customers

    The ROBOT vulnerability was disclosed on December 8, 2017, which leverages a 19-year old vulnerability in SSL servers. The ...