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  • Posted in: Support

    Hi Harald, thanks much for your hint. I've tried to rebuilt my report in an excel 2003 xml. It worked well with a certain small number of the row in result. As a result getting larger with over 500 rows, I kept getting error with table ...

  • Hi Kishore, Project ID (aka Unique ID) and Global ID's are similar in that they are both made up of 3 parts.  Project ID's have a project key + set key + counter.  Global ID's have Global ID prefix + item key + counter.  The difference is Project ID's ...

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    Regarding list view

    Posted in: Feature Requests

    Let me suggest one thing. If we can see a number of !decisionneeded/!quiestion kind of Actions, it's very useful. Project manager have to recognize how many Actions still need. And push it.  ------------------------------ Koji Okumura ----------- ...

  • Hi Sathish,  Intersting! You may want to try an alternate way of getting that done, perhaps try: word-wrap : break-word ; Can you say if the report you are developing worked for Word exports in the past, or if this is a new report you are ...

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    Bulk Change Version

    Posted in: Support

    I have a user here, who wants to baseline items from a previous date. We were able to generate a filter to capture the items. However, when we add the items to the baseline, they are coming in with the latest version, so a Baseline Compared to Current ...

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  • Jama will queue emails to be sent with every notification that is triggered. If your organization's mail server is down for ...

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  • Posted in: Release Notes and Announcements

    At Jama, our mission is to modernize, digitize and transform product development, making it a competitive advantage for our ...

  • Posted in: Jama Validation Kit

    Jama Software is announcing the upcoming general availability of 8.24, with an expected release date to the hosted environment ...

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    ROBOT Vulnerability

    Posted in: Jama Customers

    The ROBOT vulnerability was disclosed on December 8, 2017, which leverages a 19-year old vulnerability in SSL servers. The ...

  • Posted in: Best Practices

    (Originally posted by Matt Mickle)