Review Center - Approvers and Their Approvals

By Gustavo Flores posted 04-14-2015 13:36


Approver Role

The Approver role differs from the Reviewer role in that the Reviewer is only able to comment on the item, and the Approver not only works as a reviewer but can also approve or mark an item as needing more work. An Approver also has a final say on the item status by approving the review or requesting a new one. The Approver has the option to delegate the review to other people, and can add other Reviewers to the review.

Reviewer options during the review:

Note the "Give Feedback" button on the left.

Approver options during the review (approved/needs more work):

Note the "Approval" button toggled on the top of the image and the "Needs More Work" Button toggled on the bottom. 

The approver has more options available in the Tools menu than the Reviewer does. They can add more Reviewers or Delegate their approval:

Approver option at the end of a review:

Note the Mark # unmarked items "Approved" as this is a really useful option for reviews with a high number of items.

It is also important to understand that the Approval from an Approver is valid only from one Revision to the next as long as the item remains unchanged.

Approver Digital Signatures
If needed by your review protocol, you can require that the Approver reviews are digitally signed. To do this, you just need to activate the "Require electronic signatures from approvers" option during the review creation.

Finalizing Reviews
When an Approver finalizes a review, there are two options: a new revision can be requested or the review can be approved and signed.




06-15-2016 18:08

original thread was about review center; moving this as it pertains to traceability

Please reference the new conversation here: Information on different relationship types? E.g. dependent on, related to, deriv...

06-15-2016 15:45


Kristina, do you have articles related to the different types of relationship types, e.g. dependent on, related to, etc...

How they are typically used? Pro's / Con's...
What types of relationships which doesn't need coverage? Such as references to standards or FDA Guidelines?

06-15-2016 13:23

Ken, the steps are the same for an approval except for marking the user as an Approver in the Invitation screen. So when you create a new revision, choose Clear all reviewers to remove the reviewers, then add the approver user(s), selecting the checkbox next to the person's name. 

06-14-2016 22:26

How did you send the reqs for approval verses for review?
I initiated a review with my team, after the reqs were reviewed and changes made, I want to send those reqs to my manager for approval.

01-07-2016 11:42

Thanks, Kristina.

12-28-2015 19:38

Ryan, sorry for the delay on this response. Unfortunately the answer is no on both counts.

12-07-2015 14:43

Does requiring digital signatures from the Approvers prevent the review from being closed until all Approvers have given their digital signature?

If not, is there any way to automatically prevent the review from being closed until all necessary approvals have been acquired?

09-24-2015 11:55

Hi George,

The review will only be completed when one of the two conditions are meet:
  • The review time is up.
  • The review creator or a moderator closes the review.

09-17-2015 15:01

Quick question - when one/all approvers have approved the items, will the review status change to Completed? Or is that determined by the date/time set when the review was created?