How to Edit Items in Review

By Carmen Santos posted 07-31-2015 09:44


Review moderators can edit items in a review, but reviewers will only see the updates in the items when a new revision is published. 

Changes to the items in a review can be proposed by reviewers, who can highlight text in the document to provide feedback. See this article in the Community to learn more about how feedback works in reviews.

When the proposed changes are accepted by the moderator, the item will not automatically update; the moderator will still have to edit the item with the accepted changes. 

To edit the item in the review page, moderators need to access the Arrow menu and choose Edit Item.

As changes are saved, the original item is updated but not the Review. The only way to update the Review is by publishing a new revision of the item.

The items in can also be edited in the Project and all changes will show in the Project's activity stream, regardless of where the item is edited.

In the review page, moderators also have an Edit Review option, under Tools.

This option will not update the document. Edit Review allows moderators to revisit the review wizard and alter the review settings, like changing the deadline or inviting new reviewers, without updating the review's version. Review versions are updated each time a new revision is published.



08-04-2015 14:38

Good addition, Josh. Thanks for pointing that out.

07-31-2015 10:57

Just a note.  People can still modify the items that are under review, outside the review.  It will flag the item as changed in the review, since the review was published(a little pad and pencil icon next to the name).  Once the review is up-rev'd the change will take place in the review.  This can be a workaround if you want someone that is not a moderator to make changes.