Email Notifications Users Will Receive from the Review Center

By Kristina King posted 01-28-2015 22:41


First, it is important to differentiate between notification types: users can subscribe to updates on items, which is a separate function from users following items in a Review. When users subscribe to items, subscriptions settings apply only to the Comment Streams of items. Comments made on an item in a review do not get added to that item's Comment Stream. Review Center comments are separate notifications and not as customizable — e.g. you cannot choose to get them bundled once a day.

Instead, Review Center comments are controlled by a user's selection to "subscribe" to the items. In a review, regardless of role, a user has to select Actions > Subscribe to the items on this page to be notified of item comments. Users can follow all items if viewing or can follow a singular one if viewing just that item. 
To subscribe just to a singular item click on the arrow and it should display the Subscribe option.

Note: A user can automatically follow an item by commenting on it. They can also enable/disable updates to all followed items. These are global settings that can be configured in My Profile.
The Feedback of a review allows users to post General Comments that are not specific to an item. Moderators will not receive notifications for these comments, but reviewers will.

Users can also access this general feedback tab by clicking on the quote bubble to the left of the review title.

Lastly, there is a setting that controls if the moderator gets notified when reviewers complete reviews. This is a setting the moderator can enabled when first setting it up a review, but it also can be edited after the review is created. Note: this setting does not apply to reviewers. Reviewers will always receive notification of completion.