Named Support Contacts Explained

By Megan posted 08-16-2019 12:02

Greetings Community,

As a part of your Maintenance and Support contract with Jama, Support issues raised via ticket need to be directed through your company’s Named Support Contacts. There are several reasons why this is important: 

    1. Process: Many of our customers have an internal team that supports Jama; directing requests through this team ensures internal processes and expertise are honored.
    2. Security: Often times Jama Support is engaged to request system changes (particularly in the case of our hosted environment) and we want to be sure we are dispensing this advice to the individuals responsible for the overall health of Jama.
    3. Domain Expertise: Each customer uses Jama differently and routing questions through your company’s Named Support Contacts ensures that business process or unique use cases are considered and addressed.

If a non-Named Support Contact reaches out to Support, we will kindly ask that them to direct their question through the Named Support Contact. Please note, it is possible for non-Named Support Contacts to participate in Support requests by being Cc’d on the ticket. Lastly, if for any reason you need to update the Named Support Contacts listed for your organization, please have a designed Support Contact complete an update form. All customers may start discussions or submit questions on the Community, however.

Thank you for your understanding and please do let us know if you have any questions,